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I was born in Iran/Teheran. After studies in Electrical Engineering at Sharif Technical University I immigrated to Sweden, where I switched from engineering to my favorite art, music. Four years at Örebro Music Conservatory gave me a lot of joy and competence to be able to teach and deal with music more than before. Going further with music was just inevitable. My love to German philosophy and  music made my decision easier to move to Berlin/Germany. The result was five years living in the wonderful music city Berlin and studying musicology with one of the most prominent musicologists in Germany, Professor Helga de la Motte-Haber. Going back to Sweden and working as music instructor took about six years while immigration to the USA and starting a new life in 2007 was waiting.



Doctor of Philosphy (PhD) in Musicology; Technical University of Berlin/Germany (2001);

Thesis: Real and Virtual Spaces in Computer Music (in German), Summary (in German)

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Music Education; Music Conservatory of Orebro/Sweden (1996)

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical Engineering; Sharif Technical University; Teheran/Iran (1986)







Zaryab, The Cultural Meeting of East and west (English

Published at: Grajter, Malgorzata, The Orient in Music - Music of the Orient, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017


Constructive Interrelationship Between Structural Components in Early Music and Language Learning (English)

Published at: Eismont, Polina and Natalia Konstantinova (Eds.), Language, Music and Computing, Springer 2015 (Communications in Computer and Information Science 561)


Analysis of Christian Calon's "The Standing Man" (English)

  • Published at: eContact! 16.3; Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (TES) 2013; Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)


The Metaphysics of Love, Reviewing the Music Drama Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner (Farsi)

Published at: Music Report Magazine, Issue. 67, Volume 7, 2014


The Choreography of Noise: Analysis of Henry Gwiazda’s “buzzingreynold’sdreamland” (English)

Published at: eContact! 14.4; Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (TES) 2011; Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)


John Cage, "Finder oder Erfinder" (Farsi)

Published at: Music Report Magazine, Issue 52, Volume 4, 2012


Impressionistic Music and Impressionism in Music (Farsi)

Published at: Music Report Magazine, Issue. 48, Volume 3, 2012


Musique Acousmatique and Imaginary Spaces (English)

Paper originally presented at Sounding Out 5 (8–10 September 2010), Bournemouth University (UK). Revised for publication in eContact! 13.3


Space and Computer Music; A Survey of Methods , Systems and Musical Implications (English)

Published at: eContact! 11.4; Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (TES) 2009; Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)

Spatialization as a Musical Concept (English)

International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR; Orlando/Florida, October 19-22, 2009)

Published at: the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc (IEEE); ISBN: 978-1-4244-5390-0


German and French; similarities and differences in the late central European 19th century music (Swedish)

Published at: The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics Nr 31, 2005 (Thales; ISSN 0284-7698)











Zelli, Bijan (English)

(Interviewd by Fariba Zamankhan)

Published at: Music Report No. 62, 2014


Yadegari, Shahrokh (Farsi)

Published at: eContact!, 12.2, April 2010 and at Music Report, Vol. 58, 2013


Zelli, Bijan (English)

(Interviewd by Mojgan Ostadhossin Khayat)

Published at: Music Report, No. 58, Summer 2013


Nazar, Naser (Farsi)

Interview, Summer 2013


Gorginzadeh, Mohammadreza (Farsi)

Published at: Mahoor, Vol. 15, No. 57, Fall 2012


Zangeneh, Pari (Farsi)

Published at: Mahoor, Vol. 14, No. 55, Spring 2012


Chowning, John (English)

(Turenas and Its Innovations)

Published at: eContact! 12.2, April 2010


Omoumi, Hossein (Farsi)

Published at: Farhang va Ahang, No. 25, 5th year, May and June 2009










Music and Technology

Presented at: International Musicological Colloquium, Brno/ Czech Republic, October 10-12, 2016 (Abstract)


Zaryab, The Cultural Meeting of East and West

Presented at: Orient in Music-Music of Orient, International Conference at Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of

Music Department of Music Theory, Lodz/Poland, March 10-11, 2016


The Impact of Intercultural Streams on Revolutionary Iran's Music Policy

Presented at: Intercultural Music Conference and Concerts (ICM), San Diego/USA, February 26-28, 2016


Hossein Aslani, Vido Lecture about Hossein Aslani's Music Album: Symbolic Emotion

Presented at: Iranian Contemporary Music: Hossein Aslani, Iran's House of Artists, Tehran/Iran, August 26th, 2015 (Video)


Constructive Interrelationship Between Structural Components in Early Music and Language Learning

Presented at: International Workshop, LMAC 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia, April 20-22, 2015


Pythagoras and Medieval Aesthetics

Presented at: Ars Sacra International Festival, Ordea/Romania, December 14-17, 2013

Conference Program


Christian Calon: The Standing Man

Presented at: Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (TES), Toronto/Canada, August 14-17, 2013

Conference Program


Henry Gwiazda: buzzingreynold'sdreamland (an Analysis)

        Presented at: Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium (TES), Toronto/Canada, August 10-13, 2011

Conference Program


Rob Waring: At This Point, in Time... (an Analysis)

      Presented at: Music Theory and Analysis, The 9th International Conference, University

        of Arts  in Belgrade/Serbia; May 13-15, 2011

Conference Program


Musique Acousmatique and Imaginary Space

Presented at: Sounding Out 5; Bournemouth University, Bournemouth/UK, September 8-10, 2010

Conference Program


Spatialization as Musical Concept

        Presented at: ISMAR Symposium & Expo 2009, Orlando/USA, Octobre 19-22, 2009

Conference Program


Musique Acousmatique and Space

Presented at: 8th Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (GMTH), Graz/Austria, October 9-12, 2008

Conference Program


Spatialization and Computer Music 

                                                        Presented at:  Northwestern University; Chicago/USA, April 2008                                                         


The Impact of Music on 20th Century's Painting

Presented at: The Iranian Academy of Arts; Teheran/Iran; June 2008

And at: Arasbaran Culture House; Teheran/Iran; January 2007



Philosophy of Modern Music

Presented at: The Iranian House of Artists; Teheran/Iran; January 2007 and June 2008


Western Classical and Folklore Music

Presented at: The Iranian House of Artists; Teheran/Iran; July 2006

(together with Hamidreza Ardalan and Mohammdreza Aslani)


Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Presented at: The Iranian House of Artists; Teheran/Iran; December 2006 

And at: Worker's Educational Association; Gothenburg/Sweden; March 2005

Interview  (On Radio; 3/29/2005; "Mitt i Musiken"; mp3 file 3.71 MB)           



Real and Virtual Spaces in the Computer Music

Presented at: Technische Universität Berlin; Berlin/Germany; January 2001

And at: Freie Universität Berlin; Berlin/Germany; February 2001

And at: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Berlin/Germany; March 2001










An Introduction to the Impressionism in the Painting and Music (Farsi/from German and English)

   Will Be Published Soon





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